Who are We

I am local villager together with my nearby friends and co-workers in Fukushima,Japan. Our once beloved home was devastated by the catastrophic earthquake that took thousands of lives and a nuclear power plant broke down during the earthquake contaminated and continued the cause of death. Due to this we have to survive and live our home land. With continuous efforts we started to help in ceasing the contamination and with the relentless efforts of our Government . 3-5 years later our home is now habitable declared by the government and now we found ourselves rising from the grave and is carrying out the mission to shout that our homeland is now habitable and we will once again put Fukushima in the map as a land where our fore fathers took pride and boast about!

For our children and children’s children we will advocate our home land!

Contact us for true to life stories of surviving the great earth quake and nuclear devastation!