What Fukushima can offer?

The foods in Fukushima are very tasty and they are also aware of the nuclear chemicals that might have mixed in the food. This is why the market tries its best to solve the issue so that the tasty foods that are sold would not be forsaken and that the identity of the market would be restored. The market also gives a just pricing to the products.


When you personally order product from the market, the price stays as it is. It must be on cash.

Delivery and shipping

Delivery fee is different from shipping fee.

Total Cash Delivery=product price + delivery fee + shipping fee

Shipping fee depends on the shipping origin.

*700 yen is the shipping free within Fukushima.

So if you order products coming from different sources, the shipping fee grows higher. Example: meat EM+ meat OF+ meat NN, it would be 700 yen × 3 small=2,100 yen.

Meat OF+ meat OF=700 yen

If you order different items from the same shipping source, the shipping fee is charged at once.

Temperature Zone

If you order products from same shipping source yet different temperature zone, shipping fee is charged. For example: Frozen meat EM(700yen)+ refrigerated meat EM(700yen)= 1400 yen

*In other words, if you bought the same shipping item in the same temperature zone and the same shipping source, the shipping cost will be one time.
Free Shipping

This can happen when you order products of more than 10,000 yen of the same temperature zone and shipping origin.

Delivery trader: Yamato Transport (Takkyubin)

This is safe for all product items.