Food Adventure in Fukushima Mall

We understand that you are worried with the food of Fukushima due to the devastation that occur last 2011. But the lift of the banned has now been clear. The food that is served in Fukushima is now clean and is nurtured. After several take of many scientist, food experts and even advance science the government has now made its strides and has now cleared Fukushima’s prefectures and food to be good for health.

As we invite you to visit our mall and expect the same identity we have use to have before that is the best Japanese food out there.

Welcome to Fukushima Mall! Presenting to you the best of best foods! We serve you the bests of seafood, meats and vegetables that are safe and product certified. The product used is of high quality that even Japan Association of Credit Rating Agencies graded as high as 4 and more. In Fukushima, everything is safe! We value your safety.

Enjoy the best of beef with unique and original taste!  Avail of the following: 1. Uneme beef sirloin steak (180g × 3 sheets 540g), 2. Uneme one for beef sirloin steak (200g), 3. Uneme beef sirloin sukiyaki (300g),  4. Uneme cattle Barakarubi (500g),   5. Uneme cows original shoulder roast dice steak (300g),  6. Uneme Ushikata loin sukiyaki (500g), 7. Uneme Grilled Beef set rose (300g);  8. shoulder roast (300g) and (600g),  9. Uneme cattle peach taste (100g × 5 sheets) and (500g),  10. Yakiniku with Japanese beef small intestine fat (300g),  11.  Domestic cattle abomasum (300g),  and 12. Domestic beef cecum (300g).

Taste the uniqueness of pork. The product used is a certified product which even contains a lot of nutrients such as vitamin B1, linolenic acid and no antibiotics and synthetic antibacterial agents. Also, it is characterized by good flavor of fat and rich in tenderness. Avail of the following: 1. Shirakawa plateau clear stream pork loin fillets (5 piece set 500g), 2. Shirakawa plateau clear stream pork loin fillets (100g),  3. Shirakawa plateau clear stream pig thigh roast (500g), 4. Shirakawa plateau clear stream Butakata roast ginger grilled (500g),  5. Shirakawa plateau clear stream pork roast (500g),  6. Shirakawa plateau clear stream pork loin taste (500g),  7. Shirakawa plateau clear stream pork loin taste (100g),  8. Shirakawa plateau clear stream pig peach taste (500g),  9. Shirakawa plateau clear stream pig peach taste (100g),  10. Soft hormone (1 pack – 500g),  11. Soft hormone miso taste (1 pack – 500g),  12. Pig viscera Yakiniku (1.2kg),  13. Pig wonder for grilled meat (chilled) (300g),  14. Pig lever for grilled meat (chilled) (300g),  15. Pig tongue for grilled meat (chilled) (300g),  16. Pig hearts for grilled meat (chilled) (300g),  17. White roller hormone (frozen) (300g),  and  18. Domestic swine Toro frozen (300g).

Do not forget the irresistible poultry from chicken. Product used is safe and certified. Avail of the following: 1. Date chicken thigh meat (500g), 2. Date chicken breast meat (500g) and 3. Date chicken thigh three + Date chicken breast three mix (600g).

Introducing the lists of seafood at Fukushima Mall, proven safe and certified! Shrimp. Available: 1. China headed prawn (20 fish, 1kg), 2. Russian oversize sweet shrimp (4L size, 1kg),  3. Russian tail stripping sweet shrimp (30 fish),  4. Philippines Frozen river shrimp (6 / 8cm, 500g), 5. Homemade almond fried shrimp (10 fish pack), 6. Homemade jumbo fried shrimp (10 fish) .

Crab. Available: 1. Tara (500g), 2. Snow (500g), 3. Steamed set (1kg), 4. Boirutaraba (3kg, 1 box), 5. Boiruzuwai (L size, 5kg), 6. Tara raw bar meat potion 2L (12 present) 500g, 7. Ten claws fly on whether the hand-made jumbo, 8. Live king crab shrink pack (800g), 9. Russian Boirutaraba crab (1.2kg) .

Shellfish. Avail of the following: 1. Hokkaido production cold scallops, 2. Katakai (10 sheets), 3. Hokkaido scallop S size (1kg) .

Fish eggs. Available: 1. Hokkaido soy sauce salmon roe (500g), 2. Autumn salmon roe (500g), 3. Ebikko (500g), 4. Takarajuku cod roe non-colored (400g), 5. Cod roe, roe 2 taste set (500g) and 6. Cod roe, roe 2 taste set (300g).