Japan a wonderful dichotomy

Breath taking natural beauty, amazing living history, exotic foods, fun and exciting and peaceful tranquility. Japan is a destination often overlooked by the west perhaps it is time for you to have a closer look and consider staitioning in Japan.

Japan is a wonderful dichotomy of ancient and future high tech act. It is where you can stroll ancient streets and visit castles half a century old. All the while located in some of the most modern and technological advance cities in the world.

You might think that in a country with a reputation for being crowded that you can’t get away to a remote places and enjoy the nature piece by its solitude in Japan? If you thought that way you would be mistaken. Getting around in Japan is easy and convenient. Japan is considered  to have on of the best mass transit systems in the world. The system is fast, clean, efficient and safe. In fact crime in Japan is almost non-existent. It is one of the most safest places in the world you can travel.

One of the best traits you can indulge is to stay in one of the many traditional japanese-style hotels located everywhere you go through out the country. You’ll find wonderful tradition tatami rooms and furnishing and  ofcourse fabulous foods . The aim of this hotels are to treat non-japanese a traditional Japanese experience.

Japan is also famous for its temples and shrines as they boast wonderful gardens and pristine landscaping for the best tranquil relaxing.

Above aforemention! Visit Japan!