A fearful fact: How does nuclear radiation affect you?

You may have heard of the nuclear radiation. How much information you have about it? It can be frightening or you can still stay positive about it. For those who do not have much knowledge about it let us see about the radiation in this article. Their is nuclear radiation that we better know. Le us understand it by seeing its definition. Definition of nuclear radiation is referred to the kind of light, energetic particles or heat that is provided by fission, nuclear decay or fusion.

In the application of nuclear radiation to our life, their can be negative or positive effects or it can have benefit or danger in it. Then how can it be a benefit or positive? Example is nuclear radiation that is used by equipment and also machines like the x-ray that is common in medical field. The equipment use for sterilization, for weapons and plants. So depending on its use it will be good or not.

In the negative effect, when a person is exposed to the radiation for a period of long time, it can have a bad effect on the body. So it must not be exposed to an open environment but must be contained. You can find out more that the effect of radiation on the cells is deadly. For the more heavy effect it can be the cause of changes to the DNA of a person. It will be deadly if it will not be treated immediately.