Japan’s Population probable spurt

Japan has enjoyed economic properity for the past 42 years but recently China’s  economies has caught up and as of 2010 Japan’s GDP ranking has fallen to  number 3. Japan has one of the most longest life expectancies in the world  according to the World Health Organization (W.H.O)  Japanese men have a life expectancies of 82 years old which is tied at fifth and the Japanese Women have the longest in the world with 87 years old. In fact in march 2014 a Japanese women just have a 116th  birthday and became the oldest living person in the world.

Japan is roughly the size of  california but when we compare it to US. Japan has a population that is roughly one third of US. The population density of Japan is focused around the major metropolitan areas. The biggest to be named are Tokyo and Osaka. If we compare the density of  Japan and America. US is like one person per two football fields while Japan is 11 people per two football field.

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According to a government report. Japan’s current population of 127 Million will go down to 206 Million by 2040 and it will decline to  286 Million by 2060. In addition by the time Japan reaches 2060 the largest demographics will become 86 year old.
Japan’s tiger economy will be sustained by that time. As we know that Population of a country is the heart and soul of the economic progression of a country. If not for the Fukushima’s Nuclear Plant devastation we could expect Japan to be still top in asia.