Learn the different Japanese culture including traditional culture

Do Japanese culture makes you curious and feel interested? It is really interesting as you can observe them in movies or what you can read that their is something unique of Japan. Their culture have the influence of the country China. Some of their tradition or culture can be traced to have come or have the strong sense of China. Some of the already famous culture or tradition of Japan is their wearing their traditional clothes called the kimono, samurai, their own designed gardens, fond habit of drinking tea and their own language.

In what you can see in their website, Japan has three groups of populations separate or independent from each other. These three groups are Yamato, the Ainu, and the Ryukyuan. The Ainu group are the people native to the place of Hokkaido, also in the Northern Honshu, as well as some islands in Hokkaido northern part. The Ryukyuan group lives in the place of Ryukyu Island. You can view more about their elder care service also here. These groups have their own set of clothing style, culture and even tradition.

As one country they have their main and widely use official language which is the Japanese language. They have used it for the rich history and collection of literary works. When it come to music, they are very elastic on their choices. Performers vary from traditional to modern and other kinds of music. They also love painting and have their own style of writing that is calligraphy.