Fukushima of Today

After that 2011 nuclear disaster, a number of countries and regions banned food  imports coming  from Fukushima Prefecture and nearby areas. Some banned made an effect even today. For years on the region, the workers have worked diligently to convince the Japanese public and the world that its food  is safe to eat yet how convinced are ordinary Japanese.

According to  Local Japanese living near Fukushima that ” She don’t have any concerns about food coming from fukushima. She had hope that in some way buying food in Fukushima is that she can do something for its recovery”. Another story goes like this. “Technically speaking food in Fukushima has been affected by nuclear radiation and I worry  how food  from the region has been marketed for example how do these food reach our table. I don’t think that the governement should be working in the food publicity business and tell us what to eat rather let us judge  for ourselves and not be misled. ”

So seeing by the stories of random Japanese. There are local people who hesitate to buy and stand by the side of their local countrymen however this things are getting to be in the past. As many more people are now open in the idea that the disaster are now behind them. Now many local villagers have continued to live living by their own local prefecture and own market. Local and nearby villagers are also trying to help the ones devastated region. This time by itself market and foods are getting comfortable and nearby have gained the trust for the food brought from Fukushima.
Here are some clips 3 years ago lifting the ban to live in Fukushima.
Credits to Arirang TV network: